Mehmet Yıldırım was born in 1963 in Gaziantep. At the age of 11, he took the first step in the baklava sector by taking the road to Istanbul.

Mehmet Yıldırım, after becoming a master, establishes his own baklava facility in 1982 and lays the first foundations of today's "Baklavacı Mehmet Yıldırım" company.

Mehmet YILDIRIM operates in the wholesale baklava sales - distribution sector and this company he founded soon becomes one of the companies with the highest production in the wholesale baklava sector in Turkey.

MEHMET YILDIRIM creates Honey Baklava, which is the first in the world and patented, by kneading it with tradition and science, and creates a brand with this name. In 2016, he creates the BAKLAVACI MEHMET YILDIRIM brand and opens its first branch in Başakşehir and begins to serve. In a short time, it rises to the top of the list of the best baklava producers in our country, especially in Istanbul.

Mehmet Yıldırım always states that the most important factor in the process from apprenticeship to employer is "to work honestly, to respect the profession and to love your job".

Mehmet YILDIRIM is the Founding President of the Baklava and Dessert Producers Association (BAKTAD), which was established in 2001, and still carries out this duty. He served as chairman and board of directors in various non-governmental organizations. In addition, he still serves the sector as a Delegate in the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) and as a Member of Parliament in the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO).

BAKLAVACI MEHMET YILDIRIM plays a leading role on behalf of our country in promoting Gaziantep baklava by sending baklava to every point in our country and to the whole world...